Why Sunday Supper?

Why decide, in September of 2014, to begin a family experiment in rest and connection around the table by committing to hosting a rotating cast of any and all interested friends and family at our Sunday suppers for a year?

Well, because we found, as our girls got older (they're seven and days-away-from-ten), our calendar was filling up with piano lessons and soccer practices, editorial meetings and dental appointments, work obligations and school open houses, and we had the strong feeling that we needed to balance six days of go-go-go with at least one day of eat, pray, love.

Because we found ourselves missing our nieces, even though they live just half an hour away, and we caught ourselves doing that thing where you see some favorite friends and yell, "Let's catch up soon!" as you're jogging past one another in the hallway or on the sidewalk.

Because we had memories of the long, lazy Sundays of our childhood, filled with only church, pot roast, and naps, and it sounded kind of dreamy.

Because we were doing plenty of the get-dinner-on-the-table-in-30-minutes kind of cooking, but hardly any of the inspired-by-a-great-new-recipe kind of cooking, and we needed a nudge to do more of the second kind, which we really enjoy.

Because we started to notice a connection between how often we checked email on our phones on the weekend and how ill-prepared we felt to plunge into another work week come Monday morning.

Because we wanted an excuse to get our girls in the kitchen more, learning to chop, stir, and measure with us.

Because so many great moments happen around the table.

Because we wanted to make more space for rest, joy, and gratitude in our lives.

Because we love to eat good food with great people.

Want in?

Good, because we want to see you at our table on a Sunday this year. If we've been meaning to "grab that drink" or "get coffee soon" -- Sunday supper. If we've been trying - and failing - to find a night to ditch the kids and have a great meal out -- Sunday supper. (Bring the kids.) If you're tired of cooking but up for telling stories around our big farm table -- Sunday supper. Pick a Sunday, invite yourself over, and bring some wine.