Reclaiming Sunday Supper is an experiment in cultivating rest and connection around the table. It's born out of a nostalgia for the simple Sabbath moments of my childhood and out of a desire to make meaningful modern traditions with our dearest friends and family. 

I'm Stephanie - a writer, editor, avid runner, voracious reader, well-meaning home cook, wife, and mom of two girls. Our family is your average Midwestern stereotype: soccer cleats and backpacks by the back door; a playroom full of LEGOs and a cat hair-covered piano; a fridge full of wilting veggies and a hunk of Parmesan; and a calendar full of commitments. 

Between the soccer practices, the editorial meetings, and the dental appointments, it's become next to impossible to spend time with the people we enjoy. And we think clearing space for sharing good food with great people is too important to neglect. So we've decided to see what happens when we invite those we love to gather around our table with us every single Sunday for a year. It's a nod to the Sundays of our youth. It's an investment in our own kids. And it's an experiment in cultivating rest and connection around the table. 

We hope you'll join us.

If you're one of our nearest and dearest, we want to connect with you around our table this year, so reach out and nab a Sunday. If you're a faraway stranger who wants to explore what a little more rest and nourishment might bring to your week, we want to hear from you too. Let us know how you're reclaiming Sunday in your own home by connecting with us on Facebook or emailing us. We're glad to have you on the journey!